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Accessories for iPhone 6s

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Puro has a batch of completely new accessories for iPhone 6/6s to offer protection, to offer a touch of style and personality and to complete it with some new attributes. The new cases for iPhone 6/6s will perfectly guard your smartphone from scratches and bumps, while the new tempered glass screen protector will ensure complete protection from accidental scratches, keeping the display safe. The list of accessories for iPhone 6/6s come with some super interesting new items, such as charger and power bank for iPhone 6/6s available in different sizes and colors. The new Home Lightning Charger offers fast, convenient charging for your device pluging directly into your AC wall socket, but if you are always in travel the Power Bank for iPhone 6/6s  let you keep your devices charged no matter where you are, just plug in your device for immediate automatic charging. If you want more info about the car accessories to drive safe with your smartphone charged and fixed, please click here. Discover all the accessories to dress and keep your iPhone 6/6s safe.

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