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Coconut Summer Juice eng

Coconut smoothie Formula: sea, sun and fun!  

Light Blue is the color of the fresh summer, action sport!
The energizing smoothies are enhanced with vitamins and personality thanks to the unmistakable flavor of coconut.
If you can’t wait for the time to surf, playing beach volley under the sun or having fun and dance until morning light, taste this Smoothie during every moment of the day.
The Coconut matching with the fresh Blue Paradise is perfect for those who dream the great escape in a desert island with the surf board and friends!

Coconut Formula Smoothie 


100 g of fresh coconut into pieces

2 sweet yellow peaches

200 g of light plain yogurt

1 honey spoon

Optional: 3 ice cubes of milk 


Necessary materials

Blender, cutting board, knige and glasses


Formula Steps

1. Chop the coconut in a blender until it's very fine

2. Wash peaches and cut them into pieces adding to the blender, then blend slightly.

3. Merge the ice with yogurt and blend all together until it reaches a creamy consistency.

4. Serve immediately the peach and coconut smoothie in large glasses and enjoy well chilled!


Per una versione vpiù dolce, aggiungere anche un po’ di latte di cocco.

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