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Drive in safe

car holder

Car Holder

Easy to set up, space-saving and suitable for all the device up to 6.3”. The new adjustable holder is useful thanks to its arms with max opening 8,5 cm and a 360° special rotation system.
The car holder fits most vent type. Before setting up Google Maps, place your smartphone in the holder and travel safe.
Your safety, our destination.

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bluetooth handsfree

Bluetooth Handsfree

If during car trips you frequently make and receive phone calls, then the Bluetooth Kit is perfect for you.
Thanks to practical kit, which you can set up in few clicks, you can talk and talk for more than 5 hours!
Hands free, 5 hours of conversation guaranteed and easy set up.

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mono earphones

Mono earphones

The mono earphone, available in black and white colors, is perfect to make and receive phone calls without taking your hands off to the steering wheel and not isolate the driver's!
The mono earphone is designed to get you focus on the drive, even during phone conversation!
Try the new Puro mono earphones and find out more about perfect sound.

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car charger

Car Charger

Do you use maps or apps during your car trip? Do you get destination but no more battery? Choose the best and faster solution!
Choose Fast Charger: Fast Charger technology allow recharge of the device from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes.
Find out more about the new Fast Charger accessories di Puro.

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