What is GaN technology?

GAN technology is an innovative approach to improving the efficiency and experience of charging. It is based on gallium nitride, or GaN, a material used specifically to optimise charging processes. Gallium nitride is a high-performance alternative to conventional silicon. This material offers excellent conductivity and resistance to high temperatures, so the charger is not only compact and lightweight, but also has advantages in conversion and power generation compared to non-GaN chargers.The lower heat dissipation allows the components to be closer together and, as a result, the size of the chargers can be reduced like never before, while retaining all their capabilities and compliance with standards.

How does GaN technology work?

GAN technology improves energy efficiency, avoiding unnecessary energy wastage and reducing charging times.In addition, it can enable better grid management by balancing the charging load according to energy needs and availability.In the past, chargers constantly delivered power to the battery, which led to overcharging and damage.Modern chargers, on the other hand, include monitoring systems that estimate the amount of energy required for charging based on various factors such as the level of charge remaining, temperature and desired charging speed.

What are the advantages of GaN technology?

The main advantage of GAN technology is the reduction of charging times and the compactness of the chargers.Due to the efficient voltage transmission and higher frequencies of chargers using GaN technology, less space is required, which means that a smaller structure is sufficient for higher power processing.The lower heat dissipation also increases the service life.

Puro's compact design meets
the advantages of fast charging.

GaN chargers are much more compact than a conventional charger precisely because of the materials used, which allow excellent conductivity and resistance to high temperatures. Due to the reduced heat dissipation, the components can be placed closer together, allowing a compact size of the chargers.

A charger with GAN technology is faster in charging because much higher voltages and electric currents can pass through it than standard silicon, which allows for higher power with smaller dimensions.
In addition, most GAN chargers integrate USB-C Power Delivery technology: useful for offering fast charging to compatible devices.

Always at the forefront of new technologies, Puro's products are distinguished by their minimalist, compact design and efficient performance. Puro's GaN chargers are the smallest ever. *GaN technology chargers offer the convenience of fast, powerful and safe charging in an ultra-compact design.Ideal for use while travelling, but also at home or in the office, it is a powerful charging solution for smartphones, tablets and even laptops, providing up to 65 W.

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