How to reset your Bluetooth Earphones

Do your Puro Bluetooth headphones not connect anymore? You can only hear audio from an earbud?
It can happen that the Bluetooth Earphones dissociate and the audio is heard only from one of the two earbuds. Find below a small tutorial on how to perform the reset operation for Bluetooth earphones of Puro.

To pair your Bluetooth earphones, follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Turn off the Bluetooth of the device you wish to pair with the Puro Earphones.
  • 2. Switch off the earphones with both earbuds pressed for about 8 seconds.
  • 3. Turn the earphones back on by holding down the ignition keys until the red light is switched off.
  • 4. Place the earbuds back in the case.

Before taking the earbuds out of the case again

  • 5. In the Bluetooth settings of your device, dissociate/disconnect both earphones if they were previously associated.
  • 6. Turn on Bluetooth
  • 7. Remove the earbuds from the case – first the right then the left – and connect the device to the earbud R

Remember that the right earbud is considered the main, one so it is good practice to extract (or store inside the case) first the right one then the left one.

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