The new iPhone 15 is here, and in a few days, it will be in your hands. Don’t be caught unprepared, choose an iPhone 15 case to ensure protection, style and comfort without hiding the design of Apple’s new jewel. Don’t worry, in Puro’s online shop of covers and accessories, we have a wide range of transparent covers to offer you, but above all we have MagSafe accessories to guarantee fast and safe charging, magnetically.

Like every year, Apple’s keynote at which the new iPhone series is to be announced creates great anticipation, curiosity, rumours and definitely a lot of hype. Apple’s event in Cupertino where the new iPhone 15 will be unveiled is scheduled for 13 September.

There are many online rumours and rumours about the design, colours and technical features of the new iPhone 15. A lot of information has already been leaked about it, but we are sure that many will not miss the live Keynote to get a full presentation of the new Cupertino jewels.

Puro is already ready with a series of new accessories to dress and charge the iPhone with MagSafe technology. Today, in fact, iPhone not only needs covers or tempered glass, but also and above all accessories that can amplify the smartphone’s potential, such as the 3-in-1 charging base or MagSafe battery packs, which guarantee a high-performance and efficient user experience.

For this, a must-have accessory is definitely, the Slim Power Mag magnetic external battery pack: a MagSafe battery pack with a minimal and ultra slim design, which was also rated highly by iSpace in a review.

The Slim Power Mag attaches in a snap, is compact and easy to use, and allows you to charge on the fly wherever you are. The magnets align perfectly and stay firmly attached to your iPhone for safe and reliable wireless charging.

If, like the rest of us, you’re obsessed with protecting the shape of your iPhone – especially when you’ve just bought it – we’re happy to offer you some case models that allow you to charge and protect your smartphone, without hiding the design: for example, the Lite Mag iPhone case is a jewel of technology and style. Totally transparent, lightweight, with raised edges: the ideal solution for protecting your iPhone, without hiding the legendary apple on the back. The Lite Mag case is compatible with MagSafe, as indicated by the magnet symbol on the back, so it can be a great combo with the MagSafe battery pack, like Puro’s Power Mag.

If, on the other hand, you are a music lover and love to listen to it loud, the Mag Go speaker, compatible with MagSafe charging is the ideal solution for you. This external speaker is small, handy, magnetic, but ultra-powerful! Perfect for listening to music while you work out or study!

Don’t give up on fully protecting your smartphone: buy iPhone 15 camera glass and rest assured you won’t run into any unpleasantness. Breaking the iPhone camera would make your days miserable 🙁

Afraid of breaking the screen? Trust me, you’re not the only one!

Precisely for this reason, we always suggest matching the case with iPhone tempered glass to ensure protection from shocks!

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