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Mobility Kawasaki

Skateboard Elettrici Kawasaki


Kawasaki Hoverboard 6.5

Hoverboard 6.5 Kawasaki is perfect to drive around your city in a new exciting and ecological way! Puro and Kawasaki, the historical motor company, have joined this project to create a smart and practical solution to move around the city with a new mobility concept. Kawasaki Hoverboard has got the higher standard of safety and tecnhical features to guarantee the most enjoyable driving experience. Try the Hoverboard 6.5 and discover a completely new enjoyable and ecological mobility accessory. 

Drive the 6.5 Hoverboard and live the city in a new smart and green way!

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Kawasaki Hoverboard 10.0

Hoverboard Kawasaki 10.0 is created to make the driving experience even more exciting. Today we release this Hoverboard designed by Puro and the historical American motor company Kawasaki. Hoverboard 10.0 is characterized by larger wheels, capable of ensuring great stability. This accessory safe and smart comes to find a practical and ecological solution for a new concept of mobility. High safety and high quality standard are provide for Hoverboard 10.0, as for all the other Kawasaki mobility accessories. Try a new sophisticated way to move in an original and entertaining way.

Try the new Hoverboard 10.0, choose a new smart solution to drive in your city!

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Kick Scooter

The Kawasaki Kick Scooter equipped with foldable handlebar, it is practical, comfortable and lightweight: perfectable handy. The electric scooter offers a comfort driving and it’s ideal for those who love to move in total freedom trying a new driving experience in complete safety, thanks to accelerator and electric brake. The Scooter is equipped with an LED display and a front shock absorber, ensuring stability and comfort. Easy to use, the Kawasaki Kick Scooter has a maximum speed of 18 km/h and an endurance mileage of about 20 km, designed for any flat surface!

Ideal for those who want to move fast, but also for those who love fun and safety: the Kawasaki Kick Scooter is perfect for adults and kids!

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Surfboard by Kawasaki is an electric balanced board equipped with a single wheel, ideal for those who love to have fun. Surfboard, thanks to dynamic stabilization, is activated by the weight and the angle of the body. Practical and easy to use, Surfboard has a endurance mileage of 20 km, it reaches 15 km/h and it’s a true extension of your body to be used both in town and on vacation, on any flat surface!

Ideal for those who love sports and agility activities, Surfboard is the perfect kind of transportation for those who like to have fun at any age!

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Kawasaki Protezioni

Ogni volta che utilizzi un accessorio per la mobilità Kawasaki è importante indossare protezioni adeguate come il caschetto, le ginocchiere e le gomitiere per evitare urti e lesioni in caso di caduta. Soprattutto se si utilizzano Surfboard, Streetboard e Hoverboard per la prima volta, ma anche nel caso in cui si sia più esperti, è importante proteggersi e tutelarsi dalla possibilità di incidenti e cadute: indossa sempre il caschetto Kawasaki, disegnato nei colori ufficilai del brand di moto americano.

Non dimenticare di proteggere ginocchia e gomiti con le apposite protezioni, disponibilio in due diverse taglie.

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