Cases and Cover for iPhone 15 Pro

Discover the best cases for iPhone 15 Pro

If you’re looking for an iPhone 15 Pro case, you’ve come to the right place. In Puro’s online shop you’ll find a wide selection of transparent or coloured cases, glasses and MagSafe compatible accessories dedicated to Apple’s 14 Pro series.

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Transparent cover for iPhone 15 Pro

For Apple fans, protecting their iPhone 15 Pro without altering its unmistakable design is essential. With Puro’s 03 Nude covers, you can get reliable protection against scratches and bacteria, without altering the unmistakable and unique design of your new smartphone.

Looking for a book case? Discover maximum practicality and functionality with the Wallet Detachable cover, a perfect 2-in-1 accessory. With its book-style opening and card holder, it’s the ultimate business case.

MagSafe Cases for iPhone 15 Pro: Discover the perfect solution for advanced protection lovers

Maximise your MagSafe experience with Puro’s iPhone 15 Pro cases and discover collections designed to perfectly fit Apple’s MagSafe technology.

The Lite Mag case: transparent for iPhone 15 Pro, with MagSafe technology. Enjoy its transparency while highlighting the design of your smartphone, combined with the convenience of MagSafe technology.

Choose the Lite Mag Pro iPhone 15 Pro case if you are looking for ultra protection. Perfectly transparent and highly reliable, it features MagSafe compatibility. This case offers extreme protection to your iPhone 15 Pro, without altering the design.

Enhance the form and functionality of your iPhone 15 Pro with our covers and cases, guaranteeing maximum protection and unrivalled style, but don’t forget to buy a display protector. Discover all tempered glass for iPhone 15 Pro and choose the one that suits you best!

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