Cover for Samsung Galaxy S23+

Check out the accessories designed for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series.
The new Samsung S23 smartphone range has just been unveiled and includes the basic version, the Plus and the Ultra.
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Unique and cutting-edge, Puro has dedicated a collection to the protection of the new Galaxy S23+.

Choose the transparency of the 03 Nude cover for Galaxy S23+ and unleash Samsung’s style and elegance.

On the other hand, if you want to dress your smartphone with an accessory that is practical yet sophisticated Puro recommends the Wallet Detachable 2-in-1 case for Samsung Galaxy S23+: double protection, practical pockets and card slots.

Have you already thought about screen protection?
Don’t jeopardise the amazing AMOLED display of the new Galaxy S23+ and use the tempered glass that fits perfectly over the screen, protecting it from scratches and bumps.
Make your Galaxy S23+ stand out and protect it against scratches and bumps with Puro’s smartphone protector.

  • Wallet Detachable 2 in 1 Case for Samsung Galaxy S23+

    • Organiser case with magnetic closure flap
    • Removable TPU cover
    • Soft-touch leather effect material
    • 3 card pockets
    • Money pocket
    • Allows calls even with the front flap closed
    • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Cover 03 Nude for Samsung Galaxy S23+

    • Completely transparent
    • Made from recycled material
    • GRS certification
    • Ultra flexible
    • Ultra thin
    • Featherweight
    • Compatible with wireless charging
    • Recyclable in plastic
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