Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Cover Hard Shield Impact Pro for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


    The Hard Shield Cover of IMPACT PRO collection for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is designed to protect the device from bumps and impacts, thanks to the use of technologically advanced materials, that has allowed this product not only to pass the American MILITARY STANDARD tests, but also to get the SGS certification concerning falls from great heights. Made by a triple layer protection:
    Impact-dissipating thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
    Shock-absorbing inner frame with jagged profile in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
    Anti-scratching transparent rigig back (PC)
    With hard and transparent back, and scratch-resistant effect, the Hard Shield cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a raised edge which provides extra protection while preserving screen smartphone design. The Impact Pro collection is subjected to an anti-yellowing treatment of materials to ensure that the colors are more vivid. During the impact with the ground, the multi-layer housing absorbs, rejects and disperses the shock by increasing the level of security on your device. The cover Hard Shield is available in black.

  • Case Sense for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


    Sense Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the innovative enclosure with ”quick view function” that allows you to use your smartphone without removing it from protection, answering calls and viewing messages without lifting the front flap – completely touch screen, made of ultra-sensitive material touch and that makes visible the screen of the smartphone when it lights up. At the same time the back in sof touch material maintains the smartphone design, ensuring maximum safety and perfect fit. Sense Cover is refined concept combines pioneering features, designed to accompany and enhance the use of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at any time of the day. The case also allows free access to the camera. Available with back opaque and semi-transparent.

  • Cover Merry Collection Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


    The Merry Collection from Puro is proudly made to dress up your new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for this winter season.
    Are you looking for a special cover to apply easily, to protect you Galaxy S7 Edge, suitable for the holidays and the cold cold winter? You’re in the right place! The Merry covers are available in Snowman and Santa versions printed in high definition with all the holidays atmosphere. Santa and the little snowman drawn on the cover blend perfectly with the design and the colors of the Huawei smartphone. The Merry cover have an ultra slim profile that does not alter the thickness of the device, but rather protects the valuable Galaxy S7 Edge camera. Thanks to the pack that brings a special space on the back to write your Christmas card. Choose it to ensure a festive look to your smartphone!

  • Cover Shine for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


    The Shine cover by Puro for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is perfect to protect and wrap your device with style and elegance. Made with durable material, protective that shape the device forms, thanks to the double layer of protection. Bright and shiny, available in gold, rose gold and silver, the cover Shine is designed to dress in matching color Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! The Shine Cover by Puro is perfect every day for those who love to dress up your S7 Edge with style!

  • Custodia Detachable


    The Detachable Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge provides a double solution: it is characterized by being formed by a tough cover with a magnetic system that allows you to detach it from the case and use it as a back cover. The case has three slots for cards and a coin pocket, ensuring free access to the camera and main controls, as well as full protection. Made of faux leather, Detachable case can be used as 2 products in 1, thanks to magnetic feature that lets you use it as a convenient cover for the back and as full protective case.
    Available in black.

  • Case Booklet Crystal


    The Booklet Crystal collection, realized for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is characterized by the transparent back cover which allows keeping an ultra slim profile, keeping the design of the device unaffected, still granting a complete protection from eventual scratches. The Booklet Crystal collection, in facts, thanks to the practical horizontal opening with cards holders slot inside, totally wraps the shapes of the device, ensuring total protection. Realized in fine eco-leather with the PC back cover, the Booklet collection is available in black.

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