Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Cover Eyes Shine Samsung Galaxy S9


    The Eyes Shine cover by Puro for Samsung Galaxy S9 is perfect to protect and wrap your device with style and elegance. Made with durable material, protective and snugly against the forms of the Samsung, thanks to the double layer of protection. Bright and shiny and enriched with the eyes wink with heart shaped lips, the cover is available in rose gold and silver. Ideal as an accessory to offer and to give for the holidays, the Eyes Shine Cover by Puro is perfect every day for those who love to dress up your Galaxy S9 with style!

  • Cover Hard Shield Impact Pro Samsung Galaxy S9


    The Hard Shield Cover of IMPACT PRO collection for new iPhone is designed to protect the device from bumps and impacts, thanks to the use of technologically advanced materials, that has allowed this product not only to pass the American MILITARY STANDARD tests, but also to get the SGS certification concerning falls from great heights. Made by a triple layer protection:
    – Impact-dissipating thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
    – Shock-absorbing inner frame with jagged profile in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
    – Anti-scratching transparent rigig back (PC)
    With hard and transparent back, and scratch-resistant effect, the Hard Shield cover for new iPhone has a raised edge which provides extra protection while preserving screen smartphone design. The Impact Pro collection is subjected to an anti-yellowing treatment of materials to ensure that the colors are more vivid. During the impact with the ground, the multi-layer housing absorbs, rejects and disperses the shock by increasing the level of security on your device. The cover Hard Shield is available in black.

  • Cover Clear per Samsung Galaxy S9


    The Clear for Samsung Galaxy S9 guarantee a perfect fit and full protection of the device. The combination of PC material on the back and silicone on the edges, protects your phone with a slim and elegant profile, allowing free access to main functions. The durable silicone adheres to the edges of the device, leaving uncovered the camera and the charging socket, while the back is protected from dust, fingerprints and scratches.

  • Cover ICON Samsung Galaxy S9


    The Icon Case by Puro brings italian fashion and design into the world of high tech. This case is designed to protect the Samsung Galaxy S9 while still reflecting the latest fashion trends. The form of the silicone case fits snugly over the volume buttons, side button, and curves of your device without adding bulk, features a bezel screen and camera protection, your Samsung will be covered. A soft microfiber lining on the inside, with ingravion in low rif, helps protect your Galaxy S9 and keep it cool. On the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand. Thanks to this elegant and precious material the grip is guaranteed. You can keep the Icon Cover on all the time, even when you’re charging wirelessly. Available in different two colors.

  • Cover Ice Light per Samsung Galaxy S9


    Crafted with sparkly silver elements, our new hand-made Ice Light case for Samsung Galaxy S9 speaks elegance and style for itself. No two Ice Light case will ever be the same as the silver foil used vary in size. Our new Ice Light case will give your phone the sparkle that it deserves. Also, if you are in search for protective and strong case for your Samsung Galaxy S9+, You’ve landed at the right place. While keeping a total protection, the new Ice Light case is wrapped up in the strongest construction. The transparent hard shell exterior ensures max protection to your smartphone.
    – Total protection
    – Silver foil elements
    – Anti-scratch technology
    – Refined buttons

  • Cover Shine


    The Shine smartphone case for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is perfect to protect and wrap your device with style and elegance, thanks to its glitter look. The Shine Pocket case is made with a TPU layer to protect the device from bumps and scratches and a PC layer to give structure and enhance protection. Bright and shiny, available in gold, rose gold and silver. Ideal as an accessory to offer and to give for the holidays, the Shine case by Puro is perfect for those who love to dress up their Samsung Galaxy S9 with style.

  • Wallet Case Samsung Galaxy S9


    La custodia Wallet in eco-pelle di Puro, sagomata sulle forme del nuovo Samsung Galaxy S9, è realizzata in morbida e raffinata eco-pelle dall’effetto martellato e si caratterizza per la comoda patta frontale con apertura a libro. Dal profilo sottile ed elegante, la custodia Wallet garantisce una completa protezione del device e si distingue per i tre pratici vani porta tessere alloggiati nella patta frontale interna. L’interno della custodia, rivestito di morbido velluto è caratterizzato dalla presenza di un holder che permette di fissare il dispositivo in modo sicuro inoltre è garantito il libero accesso ai comandi e al connettore per la ricarica. Personalizzata dal logo Puro applicato sul fronte, la custodia Wallet è disponibile in nero.

  • Cover 03 Nude Samsung Galaxy S9


    The 03 Nude case for Samsung Galaxy S9 by Puro brings Italian fashion and design into the world of high technology. This case was designed to protect your new phone while still reflecting the latest fashion trends and the elegance of Italian style. Its sleek tinted transparent form protects from bumps and scratches, but doesn’t hide the elegant looks of the new Samsung Galaxy S9. The ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible material of the 0.3 Nude creates a slim skin on your phone. Its smooth and soft surface is very agreeable to the touch, but will not slide off a slanted table or countertop. UV resistance provides protection against yellowing and a precision fit allows free access to the controls of your new iPhone for safe and fast operation.
    Don’t just cover your phone, dress it up in Italian style with Puro! 03 Nude smartphone case by Puro brings Italian fashion and design into the world of mobile phone accessories.

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