Screen Protector for Huawei Y6 (2018)

  • Screen Protector Tempered Glass

    12,99 9,09

    The Screen Protector tempered glass, ultrathin and ultra-clear for Huawei Y6 is the ideal solution for those who want to protect the device’s screen not only from fingerprints and scratches, but also from any impacts. It is easy to apply the anti-bubble screen protector, without altering the brightness, definition and sensibility of the display: provides a strong protection for the flat part of the screen.

    • Shatterproof glass 9H
    • Anti-oil
    • Anti-bubbles
    • 100% real glass

    Package includes:
    • A screen protector
    • A dust removal
    • Two guide stickers
    • A cleaning cloth
    • A bubbles removal

  • Screen Protector Standard

    8,99 6,29

    The Screen Protector for Huawei Y6, ultrathin and transparent, protects the screen from dust, fingerprints and scratches without reducing the brightness. Thanks to the guide stickers included in the package the application is easy and fast.

    Package includes:
    • Two screen protectors
    • Two dust removals
    • Four guide stickers
    • A cleaning cloth
    • A bubble removal

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