Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Tempered Glass Full Edge Premium


    The Full Edge Frame Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the new Samsung Galaxy S9, by PURO is perfect for protecting the phone screen from edge to edge. It is made of ultra-resistant Tempered Glass. Designed for those who want to protect the smartphone’s display from fingerprints, scratches and impacts, but still ensuring perfect touch screen sensitivity. Protection doesn’t mean compromise: The Frame Tempered Glass preserves your screen’s vivid display, high sensitivity and 3D Touch for effortless use and fast feedback. Thanks to the use of technologically advanced materials, the frame tempered glass by Puro grants superior protection from scratches. During an impact, the multi-layer design absorbs and disperses the energy of the shock thus increasing the level of security for your device. In line with our values to bring the latest fashion trends hand in hand with latest technologies to protect and improve your devices we equipped the frame tempered glass with an extra oleo phobic layer that reduces fingerprints to keep your screen looking pristine. The package includes a tempered glass film of strength equal to 9H, that is resistant to oil and creams, as well as a cleaning cloth, dust remover, and a sticker guide. Don’t just cover your Phone. Dress it in Style with Puro!

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