AirTag Keychain: what you need at hand

Accessori per Apple: portachiavi per AirTag

Available in different colors

The Keychains are available in black, blue, red, pink or transparent

Three different collections of Keychains

Discover the ICON collection of soft-touch silicone keychains, the SKY collection of SKY leather-look keychains, and the NUDE collection of UltraSlim TPU keychains

Protect your AirTag from bumps and scratches

Protect your AirTag from scratches and bumps with full device coverage

Rised edges

The raised edges of the keychain keep the AirTag firmly inside

Stylish and secure hook

Thanks to its practical hook, you can attach your AirTag to the object you care about the most

Attention to details: ultra-slim and ultra light

Portachiavi Puro per AirTag Apple
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