iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Wallet Magnetic Case FOLIO for iPhone 15 Plus, 14 Plus and 12 Pro Max MagSafe Compatible

    • For iPhone 15 Plus, 14 Plus e 12 Pro Max
    • Suitable for use with and/or without case
    • Works with all MagSafe compatible covers
    • Practical closure via magnetic tab
    • Call allowed even with closed front flap
    • Quick attachment
    • Wallet function: 2 card slots (any magnetic cards will not be demagnetised) and banknote pocket
    • Super slim
    • Material: PU leather effect
    • Tone-on-tone stitching
    • Puro logo printed on the front flap and inside
  • Compact Universal Wireless Power Bank “Slim Power Mag” 4000 mAh ideal for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

    • MagSafe compatible charging
    • Works as a wireless charging base without magnetic docking for non-MagSafe compatible devices
    • Ultra-compact design: ONLY 1 CM
    • Works with all MagSafe compatible covers or without cover
    • Capacity: 4000 mAh
  • Wireless Power Bank 5000 mAh Ideal for iPhone 12/13/14/15

    • Charging compatible with MagSafe technology
    • Universal wireless charging
    • Capacity: 5000 mAh
    • Battery type: High-quality lithium polymer cell
    • Indicator: 4 LEDs
    • Protection functions: short circuit, overcharge, discharge, overcurrent protection
    • Case materials: metal + ABS
    • Input: DC 5V 2A
    • USB-A Fast Charge Output: DC 5V/2A-10W
    • USB-C Output: DC 5V/2A-10W
    • USB-C Input: DC 5V/2A-10W
    • Wireless Output: DC 5V/1A-5W – 5V/1.5A-7.5W – 9V/1.1A-10W
    • Max Output: 10W
    • Compact design: 98x64x15.5mm
  • Leather-Look SKY Cover For iPhone 12 Pro Max

    • Leather-look soft cover
    • On tones button in brushed aluminium
    • Inner in soft anti-scratch microfiber
    • iPhone is protected on 4 sides
    • Raised edges to protect iPhone camera
  • SKY MAG Cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max

    • Leather-look cover with soft touch effect
    • Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max
    • Satin aluminium tone on tone buttons
    • Soft scratch-resistant microfiber inside
    • Protects iPhone on all sides
    • Raised frame to protect the camera
    • Certified Magsafe technology: allows quick connection to iPhone, to the wireless charging base and Magsafe compatible accessories
  • Antimicrobial Tempered Glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max


    The tempered glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max with antimicrobial treatment, is durable and safe. The anti-microbial protection acts continuously on 99.99% of the germs present on the surface, preventing the proliferation of bacteria.
    Bevelled to the edges and fully adherent, the tempered glass of Puro is compatible with all covers for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • Standard Tempered Glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max


    The standard tempered glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max provides 3 times more protection than unprotected glass. Puro tempered glass is unbreakable and shock-resistant.
    Thanks to the bevelled edges it adheres completely to the forms of the device and is compatible with all iPhone 12 Pro Max covers.

  • Impact Clear Cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max

    • Anti-yellowing treatment
    • Rigid on edges and back
    • Drop tested 3 metres
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Guaranteed grip
    • Compatible with wireless charging


  • Wallet Detachable case for iPhone 12 Pro Max


    Always on the go? We get it. We created the Detachable Case so that you can neatly organize your essentials no matter where you are. Whether you’re on foot, in a car or on a plane, you’ll be able to conveniently carry your cash, cards and device all in one place.
    The Detachable case for the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed to combine two functions in 1 wallet case with a slim profile. Perfect for those who want to protect their smartphone from edge to edge but also shield their belongings against the elements and any rough surfaces.
    This case is practical, protective, durable and multifunctional. The Detachable case is made with a wallet case with a booklet flap plus a hardback cover equipped with a magnetic system that allows you to remove it and use it freely when a wallet is not needed. The booklet flap is designed with durable high material and exquisite craft, 3 card slots and 1 money pocket. Precision fit allows free access to the controls. Available in black elegant and versatile version.

  • Icon cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max


    The ICON Cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max made of liquid silicone with soft-touch effect surface and protective microfiber interior, anti-scratch.
    Thanks to the anti-bacterial protection that acts continuously, 99.99% of the germs on the surface are destroyed, preventing the proliferation of bacteria.
    Icon covers are the perfect accessory to accompany you in everyday life: the perfect combination of elegance and functionality.
    Featuring a slim profile that does not alter the design of the device, the ICON covers feature the Puro logo imprinted on the front and ensure maximum protection of the smartphone from bumps and scratches.
    Available in black and pink.

  • 03 Nude cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max


    The cover 03 Nude for iPhone 12 Pro Max is characterized by being ultra-thin and flexible, perfect for those who prefer not to alter the profile and the design of the device. Made of perfect transparent TPU or in colour version and embellished by featherweight, the cover 03 Nude is the ideal combination of elegance, transparency and protection. Ultra-flexible and thin, the cover 03 Nude by Puro allows free access to the controls of your new iPhone 12 Pro Max for safe and fast.

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