Clip-On cover for MacBook Air 15″ 2022


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  • Ultrathin Foldable Stand for Laptops up to 16"

    • Optimal viewing angle: suitable for keyboard use and monitor viewing during work and leisure activities
    • Improves body posture during use
    • Supports up to 8kg/18Lbs
    • Quick and easy to attach
    • Ultra slim design: only 3.2 mm
    • 2 practical anti-slip stickers included

Clip-On Cover transparent for MacBook Air 15″ del 2022

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If you’re looking for a protective cover for your 2022 MacBook Air 15″ that doesn’t hide the unmistakable Apple design, Puro has the solution for you.

With the Clip-On cover, compatible with the 2022 MacBook Air 15″, protect your Apple PC while enhancing the unmistakable design of your MacBook, without hiding its essential and elegant lines.

Here are three reasons why you can’t do without this MacBook cover:

  • Premium Protection from Scratches and Bumps: An effective shield against scratches and bumps, Puro’s Clip-On cover offers maximum protection for your MacBook. The PC case wraps your laptop around the top and bottom, with special attention paid to the reinforced corners. It becomes your perfect ally on the go. You no longer have to worry about annoying micro-scratches appearing on the surface of your precious PC, even when you store it in your PC bag.
  • Stylish and Elegant Design: The Clip-On case is specially designed for the MacBook Air 15″ 2022. You can protect your Apple device without compromising its unmistakable design. What’s more, thanks to the new matte finish, also known as frosted, it will literally feel like you’re not wearing it on your PC. In fact, the case blends seamlessly with your MacBook for a completely naked effect and adds a touch of sophistication;
  • Practical and Functional: The Clip-On case offers complete protection for the 15″ MacBook Air. Non-slip feet provide stability, while strategically placed openings allow easy access to USB ports, lights, and buttons;
    Choose the Clip-On case, a must-have accessory for those looking for the best for their Apple device.

Show off your MacBook: ClipOn doesn't hide, it protects!

If you are looking for a MacBook case to protect your Apple device, but don’t want to hide its lines and its unique and exceptional design, Puro has just the thing for you!

Have you ever seen so much style and sophistication in a MacBook case?

Refinement and simplicity in a single accessory: for MacBook lovers, the ClipOn cover is the must-have accessory!

Thin, transparent and discreet are the keywords for those who aspire to an exclusive and elegant MacBook!

Extraordinary in its design, the MacBook is for all Apple Lovers a precious Tech accessory that one would like to keep as good as new!
Anyone who owns one knows very well how risky it is to find annoying micro scratches that, although not very visible, are there.

With the ClipOn cover, scratches and bumps will be only a distant memory!
You can place your MacBook on any surface, or carry it safely inside your PC backpack.

Freely connect all ports

You can connect all ports of your MacBook even with the ClipOn cover installed, thanks to the holes provided.

Need a Charging Cable? You can find that at Puro too!

Freely connect all ports

You can connect all ports of your MacBook even with the ClipOn cover installed, thanks to the holes provided.

Need a Charging Cable? You can find that at Puro too!

Also aiding ventilation are the non-slip feet, which allow the MacBook to remain slightly elevated from the surface on which it rests and enable perfect stability.

Here's how to install the MacBook ClipOn cover

Discover the easy steps to protect your computer for good

Puro cover trasparente ClipOn per la protezione del MacBook
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