03 Nude cover for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


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  • Full Glue Frame Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    The Frame Tempered Glass Full Glue for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is perfect to make the display 5 times stronger than uncovered display. The Screen Protector, ultra-resistant and transparent and equipped with matching color frame, is designed to protect internally the devices with radial screen, which provides curves along the profile, ensuring the touch screen capacity. In the package is a tempered glass film, of strength equal to 9H, with a curved design for edge to edge full protection.
    Material: 100% Tempered Glass

  • Completely transparent
  • Ultra flexibile
  • Ultra thin
  • Featherweight
  • Compatible with wireless charging
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The cover 03 Nude for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is characterized by being ultra-thin and flexible, perfect for those who prefer not to alter the profile and the design of the device. Made of perfect transparent TPU and embellished by featherweight, the cover 03 Nude is the ideal combination of elegance, transparency and protection.

Ultra-flexible and thin, the cover 03 Nude by Puro allows free access to the controls of your new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for safe and fast.

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