Impact Clear Cover for iPhone 12/12 Pro


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  • Standard Tempered Glass for iPhone 12/12 Pro

    The standard tempered glass for iPhone 12 Max / 12 Pro provides 3 times more protection than unprotected glass. Puro tempered glass is unbreakable and shock-resistant.
    Thanks to the bevelled edges it adheres completely to the forms of the device and is compatible with all iPhone 12 covers.

  • Antimicrobial Tempered Glass for iPhone 12/12 Pro

    • 100% glass
    • Oleophobic, bubble-proof and scratch-proof
    • Glass hardness 9H
    • Blunt edges
    • Compatible with all types of housings
    • 3 times more resistant
    • Antimicrobial formula
  • Anti-yellowing treatment
  • Rigid on edges and back
  • Drop tested 3 metres
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Guaranteed grip
  • Wireless charging compatible


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The Impact Clear case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro comes with a lifetime warranty. Completely transparent and rigid, it protects without changing the design of the smartphone. The Clear Impact case is so resistant that it has passed drop tests at heights of up to 3 metres. Finished with anti-scratch and anti-yellowing treatment, it is compatible with wireless charging.

Ultra Protection guaranteed

Cover anti shock Impact Clear

Customise your cover

Express your uniqueness with a customised cover

Turn your smartphone into something unique, customise your iPhone case. Pick your case model and find out how to customise your case in a distinctive and truly original way. Place the coloured bands, write your initials and create the perfect accessory for you: not only protective against drops up to meters, but also exclusive!

Customised covers will add a stylish and timeless touch to your look.
*Customised orders will be processed in 2 working days.

The perfect gift to present for any special occasion

Let your loved ones know how unique and important they are to you by giving them a cover with their initials.

At Christmas, birthday or name-day, the customised cover will be the perfect gift for those who want to stand out in style.

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