Impact Clear D3O® Bio Cover for iPhone 15


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Tired of having to choose between protection and MagSafe compatibility for your iPhone?

Find out why with the Impact Clear D3O® Bio Cover for iPhone 15  you no longer have to give anything up:

MagSafe compatibility: Make the most of all the features of your iPhone, such as charging on the go, without having to remove the case: secure and safe docking in a single gesture.
Shock-absorption thanks to D3O® Bio: Thanks to the frame made of D3O® Bio, the case provides exceptional protection: it absorbs, dissipates and disperses shocks effectively.
Absolute transparency: Made from high-quality materials subjected to anti-yellowing treatment, with this case you can show off the beauty of your iPhone without compromising its protection.
Choose Puro’s protection with the Impact Clear iPhone case, compatible with all MagSafe accessories: the perfect combination of technology and protection

D3O® Technology

More protection, less environmental impact

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Anti-shock D3O® bio-based Technology

D3O® protects more than your iPhone.
The material offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against shocks and falls. D3O® technology is also used in helmets, gloves and other protective equipment used around the world by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers and motorcyclists.

If they trust D3O®, so can you.

Puro’s new D3O® range is a collection of cases and tempered glass designed to provide advanced protection against bumps and scratches. Thanks to D3O® technology, they offer superior defence while maintaining total transparency. Essential for those seeking safety without compromise.

D3O® Bio is the world’s best plant-derived material for impact protection. Providing the same protection for which D3O® is recognised worldwide, D3O® Bio uses resources derived from fossil materials, reduces water consumption and enables sustainable waste management, offering the possibility to recycle material during the manufacturing process, avoiding post-industrial waste

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