MAG PRO car holder MagSafe compatible and 15W wireless charging integrated


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  • Mini Car Charger "Bullet" USB-C and USB-A Fast Charging and Power Delivery 30W

    Puro high-power car charger for your travels. The aluminium alloy car charger provides enough power to quickly charge two phones at once.
    There are one USB-A and one USB-C port, both of which are capable of powerful fast charging.

  • Cover LITE MAG for iPhone 14 and iPhone 13

    • MagSafe charging compatible: allows quick attachment to iPhone, wireless charging base and MagSafe compatible accessories
    • Transparent TPU cover
    • Protects iPhone on all sides
    • Raised bezel to protect the camera
    • Reinforced corners


  • Perfect for iPhone 12, 13, 14 and 15 series
  • Compatible with all smartphones (when using the included magnetic adhesive ring)
  • Compatible with MagSafe technology
  • Compatible with most ventilation fans
  • Fast and safe wireless charging, up to 15W
  • Materials: silicone and aluminium
  • Quick and easy one-hand mounting
  • 360° rotation system for more comfort
  • Included in the package: a magnetic adhesive ring and USB-A / USB-C 1m charging cable
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Driving will be a joy with Puro’s Mag Pro car holder for iPhone.

It is the perfect solution for those who spend a lot of time in the car and need a secure holder that allows GPS use without the risk of draining the iPhone battery.

By combining technology and design in a single accessory, the Mag Pro holder meets the needs of all travellers: it allows you to have a stable holder designed to the finest detail that meanwhile guarantees the charging of your smartphone.

Compatible with MagSafe technology and therefore ideal from the iPhone 12 series onwards, not only it will provide a safe and secure attachment to the air vents, but thanks to its innovative technology, it will also enable fast and secure wireless charging of the iPhone, with up to 15W of power.

Mounting the Mag Pro holder to the car’s air vents will be a piece of cake: in one easy step, with one hand, simply push it all the way into place, and thanks to the 360° rotation system, you can simply find the ideal angle and then dock your iPhone. The magnetic attraction will do the rest.

The holder is made of high-quality, high-performance materials designed to ensure its positioning while preserving the iPhone.

In fact, to promote grip and thus stability at the car’s vents, the adapter for attaching it to the air vents is made of silicone; to ensure a gentle touch on the iPhone, Mag Pro’s surface is also made of soft-touch silicone.

Elegant aluminium details contrasting the opacity of the silicone surface confer a minimalist, elegant yet refined style to the holder.

But that’s not all: you don’t have to have a 12, 13, 14 or 15 series iPhone to benefit from Puro’s Mag Pro holder. In fact, inside the package, together with the holder’s charging cable that can connect to Puro’s smallest ever charger, there is a magnetic adhesive ring that will allow it to be attached to any smartphone.


High-Quality Aluminium, Soft-Touch effect Silicone


Fast Charge

Charging Port


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