Neon Mimosa shoulder strap for HANDS UP!


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  • Match different shoulder straps to your Hands Up! case
  • The shoulder strap can be replaced and removed in seconds
  • Each strap can be combined with any Hands Up case
  • Choose one Hands Up! cover and one shoulder strap from Puro and you have a complete set!
  • 2-in-1 cover – simply attach the shoulder strap and your Hands Up! cover becomes a practical crossbody cover.
  • Shoulder strap material: Nylon (cord), polyester (cords), powder-coated zinc alloy metal parts
  • Length of shoulder strap: 1.5 metres adjustable
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You’ll be enchanted by the new HANDS UP! iPhone crossbody cover collection by Puro, the new trend that’s taking off on social networks and involving influencers all over the world.

Choose the Shoulder Strap and match it to your case!

A rainbow of colours to match your look, to complete your style with the accessory of the year.

The Shoulder Strap is made of Nylon, polyester and zinc alloy with powder-coated metal parts, and is connected to the cover by a quick, safe and strong fastening system that allows you to wear our HANDS UP! in total freedom.

Spread your wings and live every moment without inhibition: create your own HANDS UP! and enjoy the freedom it gives you.

Please keep in mind that:

we do not guarantee the integrity of your smartphone, so treat it with care;

scratches can be caused by particles entering the case, so we recommend cleaning the case with a dry cotton cloth;

we know that our products are also loved by little children, but please be careful, because our product is composed of small parts;

the case can be easily cleaned with water and a wet cloth;

please avoid putting the light-coloured Hands Up! covers in jeans or in the pockets of dark-coloured clothes, as the clothes may stain them;

depending on the model or version, the photos may differ from the actual product.




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