Wallet Detachable 2 in 1 Case for iPhone 13 Mini


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  • Antimicrobial Tempered Glass for iPhone 13 Mini

    • The antimicrobial formula prevent the bacterial proliferation on the surface
    • Kills up to 99,9% of surface germs and bacteria
    • 100% glass - hardness 9H
    • Oleophobic, anti bubbles and scratches
    • 3x stronger than uncovered display
    • Smoothed edges and case friendly
  • Organiser case with magnetic closure flap
  • Removable TPU cover
  • Soft touch leather
  • 3 card pockets
  • Money pocket
  • Allows calls even with the front flap closed
  • Compatible with wireless charging
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Protect your new iPhone 13 Mini with the Wallet Detachable 2-in-1 Organiser Case.

Made of soft-touch faux leather, it features an internal cover that remains fixed thanks to a magnetic system that allows it to be removed from the case, thus gaining an additional cover.

The case has three card slots and a pocket for inserting banknotes, and the front flap has a magnetic closure system that secures the iPhone inside.

Free access to the main controls including call and camera are guaranteed.

The Wallet Detachable case is the accessory you can never part with again: everything you need in one case.

Wireless charging is possible if the Wallet Detachable is used separately from the case.


The 2 in 1 organiser case for all needs

Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable

Case and cover in one accessory

There are magnets inside the case that keep the cover securely in place and allow it to be removed, making it possible to get a case and a cover in one accessory.

Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable

Full protection and magnetic locking system

Thanks to the magnets in the closure system of the front flap of the case, the smartphone is safe and secure! The main functions such as using the camera and making calls are guaranteed.

You can take photos or videos without having to remove your smartphone from the case.

Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable

Refined details that make the difference

Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable

Case made of soft, hard-wearing soft touch eco-leather to add a unique and elegant touch to your smartphone

The front flap features an embossed PURO logo, making the case unique

Tone-on-tone stitching along the edges of the case provides the perfect balance between modern and classic

Logo printed also on the cover

Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable
Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable

The removable cover inside the case is made of durable PC (polycarbonate) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and its interior is soft touch for additional smartphone protection.

Three card slots and a banknote pocket

Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable

The everyday organiser

The Wallet Detachable case leaves nothing to chance.

It will help you to organise yourself and have everything at hand.

You can store your most frequently used cards or credit cards in the three dedicated compartments.

But that’s not all: the 2-in-1 wallet also doubles as a wallet, allowing you to insert the banknotes or documents you need into the pocket.

Custodia organizer a libro Wallet Detchable
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Soft-Touch Eco-leather


Eco-leather, TPU

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