• Custodia Wallet Detachable per Samsung Galaxy A41
  • Custodia Wallet Detachable per Samsung Galaxy A41

Wallet Detachable case For Samsung Galaxy A41

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  • Detachable cover in TPU with magnets
  • Wallet organizer with magnetic flap closure
  • 3 card pockets
  • money pocket
  • Talk also with the flap closed
  • Compatible with wireless recharge

The eco-leather Wallet Cover by PURO is a case for the Samsung Galaxy A41, which allows you to protect ‎‎your ‎device and serves as a wallet at the same time with slots for 3 cards and a large pocket for ‎‎cash or ‎documents.‎ ‎This sleek and elegant case is made of soft and refined eco-leather with a hammered ‎‎effect. It ‎resembles the shape of a slim book which you can comfortably open and securely close ‎‎using the ‎magnetic latch. The case also conveniently folds into a stand so that you can watch videos.‎ ‎The whole structure provides a safe and complete all-around protection for both your valuables ‎‎and ‎your phone. The cover’s precision fit allows free access to the controls of your Samsung Galaxy A41 ‎‎for safe and ‎fast operation without compromising the functionality of your device

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