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Smartphone Charging Station
Smartphone Charging Station

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  • €21.99

    The charging desk holder for iPhone and AirPods is realised in resistant silicone with soft touch effect, against scratches. This stable and elegant accessory is the ideal organizer that you can place on your desk to easily charge your devices. On the back side of the station you can find two outputs that allow cables to be hidden in order to keep your desk always tidy and clean, moreover these outputs help to protect cable from use damages.

    Accessories can be charged on the Puro desk holder without removing the case. Desk holder is available in two colors: grey and dark grey.

    Compatible with Puro lightning cables and original ones, not included in the packaging. Desk holder is a handy and stylish accessory where you can place your Apple devices and, meanwhile, charge them.

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    Desk Holder for AiroPods and iPhones