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Cover iPhone SE/ 5s / 5
Cover iPhone SE/ 5s / 5

  • €0.00
    The Girl Power Cover is the perfect accessory to celebrate the everyday life heroins: women! Characterized by eye-catching prints, motivational phrases and girlish colors, the cover is available in various prints and is made on a flexible and ultra-transparent support. Perfect to protect the device without altering its elegant design, the cover enhances all the colors of iPhone 7. The Girl Power cover is the perfect gift for every mother, sister or best friend that need to remember that you have to always believe in yourself, never give up and follow your dreams! • Flexible material • Semitransparent • Ghost technology: ultra slim profile • Lateral buttons uncovered Learn More

    Cover Girl Power iPhone SE/5s/5

  • €14.99
    The cover Believe in Magic for iPhone SE / 5s / 5 is perfect for those who believe in the magical side of life, in love and daydreaming. Let yourself be conquered by the collection's colors and characters and choose the case that represents you better. Made of ultra thin and flexible material, the cover is perfect for shaping the device and leave the design to shine through without altering it. The cover Believe in Magic fits perfectly on all iPhone colors, highlighting the design. Learn More

    Cover Believe in Magic per iPhone SE/5s/5

  • €14.29
    The 03 Nude cover for iPhone SE/5S/5 is ultra thin and ultra flexible, perfect for anyone who doesn’t love to alter the profile and the design of its iPhone. Perfectly transparent and embellished by the ultra light weight, the 03 Nude Cover is the ideal union between elegance, transparence and protection. Learn More

    03 Nude Cover for iPhone SE/5s/5

  • €18.69
    The Shine cover by Puro for iPhone SE/5s/5 is perfect to protect and wrap your device with style and elegance. Made with durable material, protective that shape the forms of the iPhone, thanks to the double layer of protection. Bright and shiny, available in gold, rose gold and silver, the cover Shine is designed to dress in matching color iPhone! The Shine Cover by Puro is perfect every day for those who love to dress up your iPhone with style! Learn More

    Cover Shine for iPhone SE/5s/5

  • €18.69
    Flexible and ultrathin cover with Satin frame, ideal to protect your iPhone 5/5S/SE with style and without altering the original design. Characterized by a transparent surface on the back, a colored satin frame and the Puro logo engraved on the side, the Satin Cover protects the device against scratches and ensures free access to all commands. The Satin Cover by Puro is perfect for those who love to dress up their iPhone with style! Available in: silver, gold, rose-gold and space grey. Learn More

    Cover SATIN

  • €27.99
    The Detachable Case for iPhone5/5s provides a double solution: it is characterized by being formed by a tough cover with a magnetic system that allows you to detach it from the case and use it as a back cover. The case has three slots for cards and a coin pocket, ensuring free access to the camera and main controls, as well as full protection. Made of faux leather, Detachable case can be used as 2 products in 1, thanks to magnetic feature that lets you use it as a convenient cover for the back and as full protective case. Available in black. Learn More

    Custodia Detachable iPhone 5/5s/SE

  • €18.59
    La cover Pepper per iPhone 5/5s/SE è caratterizzata da colori brillanti stampati su materiale ad effetto semi trasparente. Ideale per vestire il proprio device durante l'autunno, la cover Pepper si identifica per la stampa di peperoncini colorati e per il materiale ultra flessibile e sottile, oltre che per il logo stampato sul fronte. Grazie al foro per la fotocamera e flash LED, il libero accesso a tutti i comandi è assicurato, così come la protezione da urti e graffi. - Cover ultra sottile - Non altera il design originale del device - Texture super trendy Learn More

    Cover Pepper iPhone 5/5s/SE

  • €18.59
    The cover Kisses of Summer Collection with stylized lips is perfect for your summer color fluo. Vibrant, hot and bright, ultra slim profile and perfect fit: the cover Kisses Crystal is ideal for protecting your iPhone 5/5s without altering the design. Protection from bumps and scratches ensured free access to basic commands. The cover is available in pink and neon yellow. Learn More


  • €18.59
    The cover of the Coral Summer Collection patterned sea corals is the trend of summer 2015. Style lively and brilliant colors, ultra slim profile and perfect fit: the cover Coral Crystal is ideal for protecting your iPhone 5/5s without altering the design. Protection from bumps and scratches ensured free access to basic commands. The cover is available in fluorescent pink. Learn More


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