Power and data Sync cable 30W Fabric Ultra-Strong from USB-A to USB-C 2 M


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  • Compatible with all devices with USB-A or USB-C port
  • USB-A and USB-C  connectors – Power Delivery
  • Flexible woven fabric casing
  • Internal metallized insert protects cable from external electromagnetic interference
  • Unbreakable cable reinforced with Kevlar® fibre for a tensile strength of over 50 kg
  • Cable clamp included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Length: 2 mt
  • Output: 20V 1.5A e carica a 30W
Discover the new collection of Ultra-Strong reinforced cables by Puro, available in different sizes and compatible with most devices and smartphones. The Fabric cable with USB Type A to USB Type C connectors is the ideal solution if you want powerful, fast and secure charging. One of the most durable, and literally indestructible, USB Type C and Type A cables, it is covered in Kevlar® woven nylon fabric with a tensile strength of up to 50kg. But that’s not all: Puro has intercepted the most stress-prone points by testing them with more than 10,000 bending cycles to reinforce them with high-quality materials, such as the cable clamps of the USB Type A and Type C cable connectors. In addition, there is a metallized insert inside to protect the cable from external electromagnetic interference. The Fabric USB-A and USB-C cable has a data transfer rate of 480MBps, and has an output of 20V 1.5A while charging at 30W thanks to the famous Power Delivery technology. This technology guarantees a super fast charge allowing you to reach 50% of the battery in 30′. The cable length is 2 meters.

Five good reasons to buy the Ultra Strong USB Type A & USB Type C Cable

  1. Compatible with all devices with a USB Type A or USB Type C port
  2. Features Power Delivery technology – charges at 30W
  3. Is indestructible
  4. We offer a lifetime warranty (register your product within 7 days of purchase – see terms and conditions)
  5. Cable clip included

Why choose Ultra-Strong, the iPhone cable from Puro

Ultra-Strong is the iPhone cable from Puro that never disappoints

If you are looking for an iPhone cable that lasts “a lifetime” you are in the right place! Available in 1.2m and 2m lengths, charging with the Puro Ultra-Strong iPhone cable will be a breeze: fast, safe and powerful.

Cavo di ricarica Puro Ultra Strong

The indestructible charging cable

Covered by a tightly woven flexible nylon fabric, the charging cable is literally indestructible and has a tensile strength of over 50kg.

Cavo di ricarica Puro Ultra Strong

Reinforced cable clamp connectors

The connectors of the charging cable are equipped with an extremely robust reinforced cable clamp, specially designed to resist repeated bending during use.

Cavo di ricarica Puro Ultra Strong

Android or iOs? The Puro cable satisfies everyone!

Not only is the Ultra Strong cable available for each type in two different lengths (2 metres and 1.2 metres), but it is also available for both Android and Apple iPhone smartphones and devices

The white Ultra Strong cables have a Lightning connector and are ideal for charging all iPhones and Apple devices. Ultra Strong Cables
Cables for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, One Plus and others are black and are perfect for charging and synchronising them.

Ultra-Strong: one cable, one guarantee!

Because it is made with the best materials and technologies, Puro puts its face to it: by purchasing the Ultra-Strong lightning cable, and filling out the appropriate forms, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty.

Cavo di ricarica Puro Ultra Strong
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